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JellyRolls jolly happy with our credit card machines

PDQ Machines had a huge presence at the recent Baby and Toddler show held at Glow, Blue Water Shopping Centre between 11 and 13 October. We supplied over 20 credit card machines for 10 companies attending this event:

• Babycare of DagenhamJellyRolls Advert
• Casa chicos
• ClassSpace
• Feed me mummy
• Fill n Squeeze
• Jellyrolls
• Giliangladrag
• Kids Company
• Playtoes
• Tiggi and Toggi Moses Baskets

The Baby & Toddler Show provides expert advice for new parents that want to give their baby the best start. And come with the added bonus of hundreds of unique and useful products not available on the high street.

The show is held twice a year and our credit card machines had an equally strong presence six months ago at their April event.

Over 150 top brands and products were on show for new Mums and Dads to test, try, compare and buy. And speakers gave expert advice on key topics such as sleeping, feeding, budgeting, nutrition, first aid.

Hayley of JellyRolls, a Leicester-based company selling designer clothes and shoes for children, said: “Thank you for excellent service – and for helping me on the Friday when I had no signal. You were brilliant. Thanks!”

In fact Hayley was so pleased with PDQ Machines‘ top-notch customer service that she’s going to use our short term rental credit card machines at four more shows. Thanks Hayley!

Benefits of mobile credit card machines

If you accept credit cards, you need a credit card machine to ensure your business can bank more sales. If your business extends beyond the confines of brick and mortar, you will be taking payments at client locations, on-line or open-air events. If you can use a credit card machine from any location where there is mobile service, you will do more transactions.

Your mobile phone plus a mobile credit card machine will give you real-time validation and payment processing, low rates and fees for each transaction and on-line account management.

If you can take different forms of payment, you will boost revenue. The best credit card machine  processing services let you to take different forms of payment. Also, the best services let you make sales in various locations. You should be able to accept payments on-line or at remote locations without access to the internet. The best credit card machine processing services empower you to accept all forms of payment at any time. So they need to handle credit cards and debit cards.

Fraud protection is another important factor as you select from the competing on-line credit card machine suppliers. The right service will protect you from fraudulent customers by using Address Verification Services. It will also use VeriSign SSL Certificates.

The best credit card processing companies take a number of forms of payment, and let you receive payments from anywhere. The best also provide protections against security and fraud.

Credit Card Machine Processing: What to Look For

The criteria to consider are as follows:

  • Pricing

  • Several fees determine the real cost of using any credit card machine service. Aside from setup fees and monthly service fees, there are also fees each time you process a debit or credit card. The per-transaction fee is typically composed of two elements, the base rate and the processing rate. These vary by the payment gateway and merchant account you use. While one service may have a low per-transaction fee, the authorisation rate may be high. Calculate your average sales to find out which combination is the best for you.
  • Average Approval Rating

  • How quickly a credit card machine supplier approves applications? What is the application fee? Out of all applicants what percentage are approved?
  • Cost per Month

  • What are the monthly costs with one statement, charge-back and gateway fee. The best providers charge low fees and communicate about on-going fees and charges.
  • Start-Up Cost

  • How much it will cost to establish a merchant account and set up a payment gateway?
  • Account Set-up Time

  • The best credit card machine suppliers give great service and approve applications and establish merchant services accounts within 3 working days.
  • Customer Service

  • If a credit card machine company doesn’t offer a same or next day service seven days a week, it is probably not the best choice.
  • Internet Based Features

  • Merchant account should provide an on-line payment gateway. They should also support more than one type of virtual terminal.

With these points in mind, you will be able to pick the best credit card machine processing service. We are confident that we are one of the best credit card machine suppliers in the UK. We say so because of our great service ethos. PDQ Machines knows when a credit card processing service is fair. We also can spot abusive transaction fees. We can help you sidestep hidden traps and duck outrageous fees.

Just contact us here to get a great deal and great service.