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11 ways to maximise Christmas sales from PDQ Credit Card Machines


Christmas Sales

Christmas is usually a godsend for businesses, particularly those in retail, leisure and hospitality. But retailers are likely to have to work harder than ever for every penny. Follow PDQ Machines’  tips to help you make the most of your potential sales this Christmas.

  • Negotiate with your suppliers. Everyone’s feeling the pinch, so there are good deals to be had even with your credit card machine supplier. What can your suppliers offer you this Christmas, in terms of price, credit limits and payment terms? Many firms are tightening their credit control, but if you are a valued customer, they are likely to be flexible.
  • Don’t order too much stock. Be realistic about what you are likely to sell – the last thing you want is unsold stock you have to let go at ridiculous prices. Start thinking about the January sales now, as people are likely to be saving their cash and credit cards for New Year bargains.
  • Create a festive feel as your customers will appreciate seasonal jollity. Window displays, decorations and even Christmas music can take people’s minds off their worries, raise a smile and generate goodwill.
  • Value good customers. Show your regulars that you appreciate their custom by sending cards or e-cards if you’re on a tight budget. Include discount vouchers and invite your best customers for a Christmas drink or meal. One tip is don’t charge them a credit card machine fee!
  • Understand your customers’ budget constraints. Take a lesson from the budget retailers offer low-cost alternatives, discounts and special offers where you can and consider selling gift vouchers as well – many people are likely to give them so their friends and family can take advantage of January sales.
  • Promote your best offer. Whether it is in the local press or on the internet. Draw attention to your most enticing offer. Once people are through the door, you can introduce them to your full range of goods and services including your ability to take their money via a credit card machine.
  • Throw in a little extra. If you serve food and drink, offer complimentary mince pies or Christmas pudding. If you own a shop, offer to gift-wrap items free. People will appreciate the gesture and may recommend you to friends.
  • Use your surplus space. Some retailers generate extra revenue by using surplus space (such as car park space, for example) to display and sell seasonal products, such as Christmas trees, cards and wrapping paper. If you have the space, products and the footfall, take advantage of it.
  • Check your staffing levels. Make sure you have enough staff to make every sale you can – don’t risk losing customers because they’re stuck in a queue or left hanging on the phone. Advertise seasonal posts to students or invite existing staff to earn extra cash by working overtime. And ensure you train them properly especially on how to use the credit card machine.
  • Maximise online sales. Online retail has grown this year. If you use your website to promote your business or make sales, make sure your offer is clearly displayed and people can easily make purchases or enquiries. Ensure the site is search engine optimised and consider a Christmas pay-per-click advertising campaign. If you are an online retailer check out our costs for credit card processing compared to what you’re paying!
  • Get a great deal on your ability to take credit and debit cards, especially if you’re taking a mobile pdq machine to Christmas Fairs. And don’t forget to do things in advance. We can offer you a complete set up for a credit card machine fast and at a great price.

So there you have it. Have a great Christmas Sales, a good break and face 2014 in a positive way. PDQ Machines are here to help your success. Find out more by clicking here .

PDQ Machines support “Help The Philippines Day”

We’re supporting “Help the Philippines Day” on Monday 25 November by providing Quintessentially Foundation with a credit card terminal free of charge.

Due to the devastating disaster in the Philippines, Quintessentially is hosting a “Help the Philippines Day” charity event in aid of the British Red Cross.

Emma McCarthy of Quintessentially told us: “We’re holding a seriShop Drop for Phillipineses of events in the office from telethons to a finale called Shop Drop for the Philippines, which is being held at the Ballroom, 29 Portland Place, W1. You can join us there for a complimentary cocktail, pledge funds and bring along designer clothes to donate to the relief effort. Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising for the Red Cross will be speaking.”

To find out more about the event click here

Simon Pond, PDQ Machines Director said: “We’re delighted to help such an important cause and support Quintessentially to raise much-needed funds for the Red Cross’s work in the Philippines. We hope the event will be a great success.”

Red Cross launched “Shop Drop for the Philippines” last week, which encourages people to donate designer clothes to the Red Cross shops up and down the country

If you’d like to support the day but can’t attend

You can donate designer clothes by sending them to Quintessentially Shop Drop, 29 Portland Place, London W1B 1QB.

You can make a pledge to the relief effort via the Foundation by calling Tel: 020 3073 6614 ext 6614