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Short term rental credit card machines for Zaini Hats this Christmas

Zaini Hats LogoWe recently received a glowing testimonial from one of our customers, Zaini Hats, run by Miranda Harper, about our short term rental credit card machines.

As you can imagine this is a key PDQ Machines service at this most wonderful and busy time of the year. And as Zaini Hats sell very stylish woollen hats, ski hats and beanies (don’t just take our word for it, visit their website!), they’re very busy right now. Here’s what Miranda told us:

Zaini Hats homepage

“We’ve been using PDQ Machines‘ credit card machines for the last three years for our small independent business, Zaini Hats, and have never had any problems. We use their credit card machines most weekends of the year.

PDQ Machines are very efficient at catering to all our needs and never fail to pick up the phone. Customer service is exceptional which is important when you use credit card machines regularly and may need help with them now and then.

We hire some extra short term rental terminals over Christmas and they give us the most competitive rate we can find. They even send us free till rolls!

The best option for credit card machines by a long shot. We use our credit card machines all around the UK and have never failed to pick up reception and process payments, unlike other credit card machines we’ve used that rely on one network.”

Find out more

If you need some extra credit card machines this festive season either visit this page or get in touch through our website.

PDQ Machines support “Help The Philippines Day”

We’re supporting “Help the Philippines Day” on Monday 25 November by providing Quintessentially Foundation with a credit card terminal free of charge.

Due to the devastating disaster in the Philippines, Quintessentially is hosting a “Help the Philippines Day” charity event in aid of the British Red Cross.

Emma McCarthy of Quintessentially told us: “We’re holding a seriShop Drop for Phillipineses of events in the office from telethons to a finale called Shop Drop for the Philippines, which is being held at the Ballroom, 29 Portland Place, W1. You can join us there for a complimentary cocktail, pledge funds and bring along designer clothes to donate to the relief effort. Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising for the Red Cross will be speaking.”

To find out more about the event click here

Simon Pond, PDQ Machines Director said: “We’re delighted to help such an important cause and support Quintessentially to raise much-needed funds for the Red Cross’s work in the Philippines. We hope the event will be a great success.”

Red Cross launched “Shop Drop for the Philippines” last week, which encourages people to donate designer clothes to the Red Cross shops up and down the country

If you’d like to support the day but can’t attend

You can donate designer clothes by sending them to Quintessentially Shop Drop, 29 Portland Place, London W1B 1QB.

You can make a pledge to the relief effort via the Foundation by calling Tel: 020 3073 6614 ext 6614

JellyRolls jolly happy with our credit card machines

PDQ Machines had a huge presence at the recent Baby and Toddler show held at Glow, Blue Water Shopping Centre between 11 and 13 October. We supplied over 20 credit card machines for 10 companies attending this event:

• Babycare of DagenhamJellyRolls Advert
• Casa chicos
• ClassSpace
• Feed me mummy
• Fill n Squeeze
• Jellyrolls
• Giliangladrag
• Kids Company
• Playtoes
• Tiggi and Toggi Moses Baskets

The Baby & Toddler Show provides expert advice for new parents that want to give their baby the best start. And come with the added bonus of hundreds of unique and useful products not available on the high street.

The show is held twice a year and our credit card machines had an equally strong presence six months ago at their April event.

Over 150 top brands and products were on show for new Mums and Dads to test, try, compare and buy. And speakers gave expert advice on key topics such as sleeping, feeding, budgeting, nutrition, first aid.

Hayley of JellyRolls, a Leicester-based company selling designer clothes and shoes for children, said: “Thank you for excellent service – and for helping me on the Friday when I had no signal. You were brilliant. Thanks!”

In fact Hayley was so pleased with PDQ Machines‘ top-notch customer service that she’s going to use our short term rental credit card machines at four more shows. Thanks Hayley!

Credit card machines for Cowshed

Cowshed Carnaby StreetLast month PDQ Machines raced around central London to get new credit card machines installed for Cowshed.

Cowshed provide: “An holistic range of products and treatments, all bound together through our continued use of natural botanicals from sustainable resources containing the highest quality essential oils.” In other words, excellent quality skincare and assorted products that smell really nice…

Machines were installed in a moo-ment!

Simon Pond, Director at PDQ Machines, explains what happened: “We upgraded Cowshed’s credit card machines to our super fast PDQ Machines and our high quality customer service. This involved whizzing around London to their East End store in trendy Shoreditch, their West End outlets in Carnaby Street and Oxford Street and yet another stylish store in West London, Clarendon Cross (close to Holland Park).

At PDQ Machines we’re all about taking customer service for payment solutions to a new level, so we personally visited each Cowshed store and installed each one of their credit card machines for them.”

Find out more about our credit card machines

For more information about our credit card machines and our range of payment solutions please click here or please browse around our website. If you need any advice or information please call us on 0845 271 3222.

Halinkas Fairies clap their hands for PDQ Machines!

Halinkas Fairies WebsitePDQ Machines supported several businesses at the Country Living Xmas Fair #clxmasfair last month at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

One of PDQ Machines’ short term credit card machine rental clients is Halinka’s Fairies who produce “exquisite fairies and characters designed and handmade by Halinka”.

They are currently offering an excellent selection of Tree Top Fairies for your well-dressed Christmas tree. Fairy figurine artisan Halinka Fraser, said this about our credit card machine service during the show:

Halinkas Treetop fairy 1“PDQ machines is not only much better value for money  than any other short term rental merchants, the PDQ Machines team there provide an excellent service and are always there to help.

I was at a Christmas Fair where other exhibitors were having problems connecting due to poor reception.

I was surprised that their rental agent had not given them a second SIM card on a different network.

Luckily I had none of these problems and there is always someone to help if I do!”

Halinkas Treetop Fairy 2Do you believe?

If you believe in fairies, Clap your hands three times and take a trip to Halinkas Fairies!

But if you believe in low cost short term credit card machine rentals just click here for PDQ Machines‘ easy-to-follow online application form.

PDQ Machines at the Chelsea Flower Show

PDQ Machines at Chelsea Flower ShowOur PDQ Machines’ credit card machines are used at some of the most high profile events in the UK.

It was our fourth year on the bounce at the famous horticultural festival and the five short term rental machines we provided to five traders at the show were completely hassle-free.

We were able to set up our famous short term rental machines with the traders’ own merchant account, so they didn’t have to pay the transaction fee. However, we know many other Chelsea Flower Show stallholders were charged for every transaction they made throughout the week long show.

This meant Chelsea Flower Show traders using their PDQ Machines’ credit card machine made a nice bunch of savings. “Bloomin’ marvellous”, as that Titchmarsh fellow might say…

Why don't more small businesses have a credit card machine or accept credit cards?

Credit and debit cards are nearly as common as cash. Nearly everyone in the UK has at least one in their wallet, including business owners. But not all small businesses accept credit cards or have a credit card machine.


Credit Card Machine

According to a recent research nearly 66% of all point-of-sales transactions are done with plastic – credit or debit cards. That is a lot of sales for millions of businesses to miss out on. Only 25% of purchases are made with cash. In fact, they estimate that cash sales will drop to only 20% by 2017.

Technology is making it easier for any business to accept and manage credit card transactions. Gone are the days of complicated machinery via dedicated dial-up lines. A PDQ machine makes it simple and relatively affordable to accept cards.

So why do many merchants refuse to accept cards? The common reason is the fees for merchant services , but with more and more sales being added to the economy between 2008 and 2012 through credit card usage, most merchants are starting to pay attention to accepting credit cards and therefore have a credit card machine .

I don’t remember it being so accessible and so easy to add point of sales equipment to your business. Granted, this is not high-end point of sales equipment but a simple credit card machine, nonetheless it is easier and easier for any merchant to add technology to their business.


Credit Card Machine

In another survey conducted by a company which offers an online payment mechanism to accept credit cards, it found that 58% of small businesses are regularly asked by their customers to accept credit cards. So that tells me that many are still missing out on potential revenue by not having a credit card machine. Sure, there are fees, but you can account for it in your pricing.

The argument I hear from most merchants is that it is too expensive to accept credit cards. But I have been in stores, and you probably have as well, that have a sign on the counter that says X amount will be added to all credit card machine transactions. Or, that there is a minimum purchase requirement. I’m not sure if that is a legitimate way to process the transaction, but I see it often enough. Customers seem to understand that the cost of processing plastic is greater than cash and most seem willing to accept this cost from smaller merchants.

The benefits of accepting credit and debit cards far outweigh the cost. The various studies show that when people are given more payment options (beyond cash); they are more likely to make impulse purchases, join loyalty programmes, and spend more per purchase – and that can only help your business to grow.

To find out the whys, hows and how much it could cost you just click here .test