FFX Tools Easter weekend update

Brands Hatch Superbike Championship

It sounds like our encouraging pre-Easter tweet did the trick for FFX Tools weekend at Brands Hatch for the Super Bike Championships when they were tooled up (pardon the pun!) with two of our very handy short term rental credit card machines: @FFXYamaha @FFXToolSupplies @OfficialBSB @tweethutchy @AndrooReid Hope you have a very successful Easter weekend [...]

Why you shouldn’t rent an EFT 930 Terminal


From April 2017 the EFT 930 terminal cannot be used under the latest regulations. Because by then these terminals, which are PCI PED 1.3 products, will not be compliant. So what do we mean by this? Early Security Standards Prior to 2004, each credit card brand policed their own PIN Entry Device (PED) requirements for [...]

How to accept a Credit Card Payment


Say you’re at a show and a customer is interested in your product, but he’s spent all his cash.  “Do you take a credit card payment?” he enquires. It’s the sales you lose by not having a credit card machine that you should worry about, but whether the fear is real, it’s hard to quantify.  [...]