PDQ Machines Christmas Stars 1: Zaini Hats

Zaini Hats Beanies Xmas 2014 2

At this special time of the year it’s better to give than receive. So when some PDQ Machine customers told us some very nice things about our credit card machines and our service, we thought the most festive thing to do was to tell you about their business, their website, and signpost you to a smashing Christmas gift.

Here’s what Miranda Harper of Zaini.com said about us:

‘I have been using PDQ Machines since I launched my business in 2010 and have never had any issues with taking payment. Other traders around me use their Paypal or Intuit machines linked to their phones, which fail all the time and they simply are not reliable.

I have never missed a payment thanks to PDQ Machines and we travel the country at events from the Scottish Highlands to a busy event in London – PDQ Machines stands the test. Highly recommended for all sizes of business”.

Try a handmade Zaini beanie this Xmas!

Zaini hats were launched when owner Miranda Harper could not find a comfy, colourful and stylish enough beanie hat when she was on a winter holiday…

Every Zaini beanie is designed in Scotland and they’re all handmade with attention to detail in every way. So when you buy a beanie from Zaini you’re supporting a British (and Scottish!) business, staying warm this increasingly chilly winter and making a fashion statement too.

Zaini Hats Gift Card 2

And if you’re not sure which beanie your friends or loved ones would like, why not get them a  Zaini Gift Card?

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