PDQ Machines Christmas Stars 2: Confetti Box

Confetti Box Accessories

In the second of our series of PDQ Machines Christmas Stars, another of our clients, Manchester-based wedding shop, Confetti Box, had some nice words to say about our credit card machines and our customer service. And in the Spirit of Christmas we return the favour.

Here’s what Maria from confettibox.com said about us:

“I have used the PDQ machines and I cannot highly recommend them enough for their service and patience with me have been wonderful… even supplying me with a machine at such short notice, just before a huge exhibition was fantastic.”

The ‘dropping-off-and-collection’ of the machine is just another part of their service which is also really good.”

Now as Confetti Box are a wedding shop it’s a bit trickier to recommend a present from their website as you may not know anyone that’s getting married next year.

However, you could take a look at the tiaras on their Accessories page, and their collection of rogue tiaras from Liza which consist of real aurora borealis crystals, swarovski crystal and sea pearls.

Confetti Box Accessories

Now these could be ideal for any princesses in your life, and the perfect accompaniment to that Blu-Ray version of “Sing-A-Long Frozen” that we’re certain will be in many Princess Anna or Princess Elsa’s Christmas stockings…

Our Christmas Star No 1 was Zaini Hats.

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