Short term rental credit card machines for Zaini Hats this Christmas

Zaini Hats LogoWe recently received a glowing testimonial from one of our customers, Zaini Hats, run by Miranda Harper, about our short term rental credit card machines.

As you can imagine this is a key PDQ Machines service at this most wonderful and busy time of the year. And as Zaini Hats sell very stylish woollen hats, ski hats and beanies (don’t just take our word for it, visit their website!), they’re very busy right now. Here’s what Miranda told us:

Zaini Hats homepage

“We’ve been using PDQ Machines‘ credit card machines for the last three years for our small independent business, Zaini Hats, and have never had any problems. We use their credit card machines most weekends of the year.

PDQ Machines are very efficient at catering to all our needs and never fail to pick up the phone. Customer service is exceptional which is important when you use credit card machines regularly and may need help with them now and then.

We hire some extra short term rental terminals over Christmas and they give us the most competitive rate we can find. They even send us free till rolls!

The best option for credit card machines by a long shot. We use our credit card machines all around the UK and have never failed to pick up reception and process payments, unlike other credit card machines we’ve used that rely on one network.”

Find out more

If you need some extra credit card machines this festive season either visit this page or get in touch through our website.

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